Remember how last week I was trying to figure out what to do on my staycation after canceling my vacation?  Well, it turns out that Mr. Roller Coaster and I were able to go on an impromptu vacation after all.  So we ended up with a summer vacation turned staycation turned vacation.

After some internet research on pet-friendly vacation spots within a few hours from our house, we packed our bags and headed out for 2 nights (which we ended up extending to 3 nights).  Two grown-ups, 1 dog, no children.  It was awesome.

Our stay/vacation is now over.  Mr. Roller Coaster is back at work, and the kids returned from Camp Grandparents.  As I try to get back into the swing of reality again, I can’t help but continue to think about my…

Top 10 Highlights of My Summer Vacation Turned Staycation Turned Vacation
10) Mr. Roller Coaster and I were able to spontaneously go to the movies without worrying about baby-sitters.

9)  I was able to watch Good Morning America while eating breakfast in bed.  What a nice way to wake up in the morning (as opposed to kids fighting over the remote while they ask where their waffles are and the dog chews up my rug).

8)  I remembered what it’s like to sit on the beach and, well, just sit. 
7)  The best peel and eat shrimp ever!
6)  I tried something I’ve never tried before: surfing.  Mr. Roller Coaster said it wasn’t much of an attempt and that I gave up too soon, but it was an attempt nonetheless.  Next time I’m sure I’ll at least get up on my knees before the waves knock me on my ass.
5)  I read an entire magazine and a book and a half.  It usually takes me 2 months to read that much.

4)  Mr. Roller Coaster and I rented scooters to do some exploring. Have you ever driven a scooter? I hit 30 mph and felt like Tom Cruise feeling the need for speed.

3)  Our vacation spot was so pet-friendly we were able to take Gunner with us everywhere.  I’m not kidding.  Everywhere.  I was dancing at a bar to live music with my puppy.
2)  I felt like Mr. Roller Coaster and I were boyfriend and girlfriend instead of an old married couple. 
1)  I spent 6 whole days enjoying the perfect combination of the quiet of an empty house, the ease of child-free shopping and home improvements, and the relaxation of beach bumhood. 
What are some highlights of your summer so far?

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