Like most people, I need to decompress after a long busy day at work.  I need to not think about the phone call from an angry parent of one of my students or the project I need to prep for or the lesson plans I need to write.  So once homework is completed, dinner has been cooked and eaten, bath time has splashed by, and maybe a baseball practice or a trip to the gym has been thrown into the mix, the kids are ready for bed, and I’m ready for some serious decompression.  That’s when I retreat into my computer and disappear amidst emails, blog posts, and Facebook.

But of course there are a thousand other things I SHOULD be doing instead of surfing the web.  I just don’t feel like doing any of  them.  Here are my….

{By the way, I can thank one of my Facebook friends for suggesting this top 10 list.  If not for her own Facebook decompression time, this list wouldn’t have happened.  Seems I’m not the only one who should be doing something more important than reading status updates.}

Top 10 Things I Should Be Doing But I’m Not Because I’m Facebooking
10)  Sleeping  (because don’t I always complain about how tired I am?)
9)  Scooping poop  (because if one more child comes into my house screaming, “Mom, there’s dog poop on my shoe!” I’m going to have to resort to teaching my dog how to use the toilet and that would REALLY cut into my Facebook time)
8)  Writing lesson plans  (because it’s so much easier to be prepared than to practice improv)
7)  Stretching  (because I suspect I’m going to be walking funny after adding a bunch of hill training to my 6 mile run today)
6)  Putting up Halloween decorations  (because clearly the tubs I pulled down from the attack 2 days ago are not going to empty themselves)

5)  Packing school lunches  (because every single morning, while my puppy is digging in the dirt and the kids refuse to get dressed and I can’t find my other shoe quite possibly because the puppy is burying it in the dirt, I curse myself for waiting until the morning to pack everyone’s lunch)

4)  Giving Gunner a bath  (because digging in the dirt makes even the cutest puppy a stinky puppy and because Mr. Roller Coaster is a sucker who allows that stinky puppy to sleep in bed with us)

3)  Reading a book or a magazine  (because I’m 2 months behind on my magazine subscriptions and the stack of unread books on my nightstand has practically reached the ceiling)
2)  Meditating  (because those deep breaths I keep taking aren’t even taking the edge off my stress levels)
1)  Vacuuming, mopping, dusting, laundering, folding, putting away, dish washing, spot cleaning, bath tub scrubbing, toilet cleaning…pretty much any household chore that sucks.  Yes, I really should clean my house.  But I’m simply too busy reading all the profound, life-altering, very important status updates on Facebook.
What should you be doing instead of reading this blog post?

7 Comments on Top 10 Things I Should Be Doing But I’m Not Because I’m Facebooking

  1. Hmmm…I should be doing just about everyone one of those too, especially the "picking up poop" one, but yeah, not gonna happen. My brain can't handle anything else tonight, which is exactly why I'm sitting here reading blog posts rather any all of the things I should be doing…

  2. Instead of 10, I have 5 things…

    5) Complete this Echelon course for work (I'm a nurse…it's a bunch of modules that go over body systems and diseases, assessment data, labs/diagnostic tests, etc…it is actually a really good review because I am a brand new grad)

    4) study for my ACLS course (advanced cardiac life support)…there is so much information!

    3) reading the book that I bought a few months ago but I never finished

    2) put together our dining room table lol (I delegated that task to hubby)

    1) CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN….this apartment is such a disaster! My in-laws are coming to visit for Veteran's Day weekend, so this place needs to be absolutely spotless…oh, and our table will FINALLY be put together, too 😉

  3. I've decided that there's nothing I "should" be doing, other than reading this blog post. I spent the first quarter of this year coming home, working on lesson plans and grading papers before falling into bed exhausted. I promised myself that this quarter I am going to spend some time taking care of myself for a little while each night. Everyone else is off doing their own thing, so this is it for me. It sure feels nice to surf the web with no guilt!

  4. Very funny, I love your blog. I've decided there are too many should's in life, just can't do them all. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I've joined ranks with you.

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