Thanksgiving is almost here, and like most people, I’m thinking about all the things I’m thankful for this year.  Of course I’m thankful for my husband, my children, my new puppy, my family and friends, our health, and steady paychecks. These are the obvious big ticket items, the things I am grateful for every year, the things that are always on my mind as I sit together with my family for our Thanksgiving feast.
This top 10 list is dedicated to the little things I’m thankful for, those things that often get forgotten. These things may not be as important as those big ticket items, but they sure have made my life easier and for that I’m grateful.   Here are my…

Top 10 Little Things I’m Thankful For
10)  I’m thankful for Pandora radio.  I couldn’t live without music.  But I have a very eclectic taste in tunes, and I get bored easily.  Pandora is like a homemade mixed tape, instantly customized to whatever mood I happen to be in at the moment. 
9)  I’m thankful that I have a sense of humor.  Life would be way too depressing without one.
8)  I’m thankful for 15 minutes of quiet in the morning.  I love to sleep, and my alarm clock is my archenemy, but I willingly wake up 15 minutes early every work day so I can start my day off with quiet.  My whole house is still sleeping, and I know I have a few minutes before the little critters start stirring.  Sometimes it’s the only alone time I get all day.
7)  I’m thankful for wine.  I don’t think an explanation is necessary.
6)  I’m thankful for my blog.  It’s my creative outlet, my way of reaching out and meeting people, my souding board.  It was almost 2 years ago that I decided to start a blog thanks to my mother-in-law, and after the initial struggle with a name and the oh-my-gosh-what-in-the-world-am-I-going-to-write- about-every-day self-doubts, I jumped right in and never looked back.  I definitely have my moments when I consider shutting down the blog to make more time for other writing projects, but I can’t do it.  I love blogging.
5)  I’m thankful for my new iPhone, an early Christmas present from Mr. Roller Coaster.  This thing is awesome!!!
4)  I’m thankful I have rediscovered running.  I’ve been an athlete all my life, but after a hamstring injury 2 years ago, I thought my running days were numbered.  Running is my escape.  It keeps me sane.  And I’m actually thankful for that injury that put me in physical therapy for 4 months.  It made me a smarter runner, and I appreciate my accomplishments so much more.

3)  I’m thankful for the times when my children get along.  When they play well together it reminds me of how close my brother and I were at their age, how much we loved each other’s company.  My children are such loving playmates.  Until they’re not.  And then it’s chaos.  Very loud chaos.  So I cherish the happy times and hope the chaos passes quickly. 

2)  I’m thankful that my second year of teaching kindergarten is going so much more smoothly than my first year.  I actually feel like I know what I’m doing this year.  And it doesn’t hurt that I have a new assistant who is amazing.  I’m so thankful for her too!
1)  I’m thankful for another year that my husband will be home for the holidays. 
What little things are you thankful for this year?´╗┐

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  1. -I'm thankful that I have a husband who is with me to enjoy the good times, and willing to work together with me through the hard times. We've had a rough few years, and I'm glad he always works to help make "us" better.

    -I'm with you on the Pandora and the iPhone! How did I ever live without them?

  2. Your blog is such an inspiration and I would love to participate in your memes however, I cannot find who is the next host for the Mil Spouse weekly round up. I am new to this amazing blogging world and still gets confused with the set-up. Please help. Thank you.

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