Dear Monday,
You are my Kryptonite.  My weekend was going just fine until you crept up out of nowhere and made me have to think about lesson plans and packing lunches and wearing clothes that aren’t athletic gear.  Please stop ruining my weekends. And please pass quickly today.  Tuesdays are so much kinder than you.

A Weekend Junkie

Dear Compression Socks,
You are the coolest thing to enter my running world since the adjustable sports bra.  You may not be pretty, you may cause other runners at the park to dart strange looks my way, you may be almost as difficult to put on as Spanx, and you may be ridiculously expensive, but you have made running a whole new experience for me.  I don’t care how silly you make me look, you are my new love.

Yours forever,
Happy Feet

Dear Dr. Seuss,
You are the focus of the thematic unit for my kindergarten class this month.  And I just wanted you to know how awesome you are.  I bow down to your rhymes.  I am in awe of your ability to entertain children while simultaneously sending your adult readers hidden messages.  (I have to tell you how much my students love your book Yertle the Turtle and how much I love that the book is actually about Hitler.)  Your words live on great one.

A Huge Fan,
Thing 3, I mean… A Grateful Teacher

Dear Mental Block,
Please move.  I’d write more. But you’re in my way.

A Creatively Challenged Writer

5 Comments on To Whom It May Concern

  1. oh i love it, what a fun idea. dear wet pants in the morning, please stop visiting my children because i cannot keep up with the sheets and blankets.
    Thanks, a tired washing machine

  2. Totally agree about Mondays…they bite 🙁 I'm ready for this one to be over. Although I did get up extra early to exercise which was good…I bet that doesn't happen again for a long time.

    I've not tried compression socks for running though, I may have to give it a try! I just signed up for a half-marathon in May and I'll try anything to make it a more comfortable run!

    And Dr. Seuss totally rocks…

  3. I just stumbled onto your blog, i am a new military wife ( as of this year) and i just wanted to say THANK YOU. your blog is amazing. I was having one of those "bad" nights and you just made me laugh. thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Ashly, I'm so glad you stumbled upon my blog, and I'm even more glad that I could offer some humor on one of those "bad" nights. We ALL know those bad nights. And sometimes we have to laugh to keep ourselves from crying. Hang in there girl!!! Sending hugs, smiles, and laughs your way. 🙂

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