On some level, we’re all on a quest for happiness. We may not pursue that quest on such a grand scale as Gretchen Rubin with her happiness projects or Elizabeth Gilbert with her Eat Pray Love trek around the world, but we’re all finding personal ways to define what happiness means to us.

I’m in the beginning stages of changing my perspective through rewiring my brain to eliminate (or at least lessen the frequency of) certain go-to words and phrases and replacing them with more positive ones. I’m hoping the existence of the replacement phrases will make the originals unnecessary and eventually obsolete.

Here are my…

Top 10 Phrases in My Vocabulary I Need to Replace

10. Replace “Diet Pepsi” with “Club Soda with Lime.” (I’m on Day 8 of living a Diet Pepsi-free life, and the cravings are brutal!)

9. Replace “Too busy” with “A healthy balance.”

8. Replace “Flabby arms” with “Daily push-up challenge.” (Hello, triceps. It’s lovely to see you again.)

7. Replace “Anger” with “Peace.”

6. Replace “I don’t understand” with “Expect the unexpected.” (I’ve come to realize there are things in life, like other people’s motives, that I will simply never understand or possess the ability to change. It’s easier to accept that and prepare myself for anything.)

5. Replace “Where is Spring?!” with “Spring is here!” (I expect to have a new outlook once this long winter of hibernation ends. Spring is my favorite season.)

4. Replace “Hatred” with “Forgiveness.”

Replace “Exhausted” with “Accomplished.” (I accomplish a lot on any given day. I should consider my end-of-the-day fatigue a sign of productivity.)

Replace “Talk it out” with “Sweat it out.” (Sometimes rehashing negative energy exacerbates the problem with every retelling of the story. But going for a run does nothing but create positive energy for me.)

Replace “Drama” with “Laughter” (Even if that means laughing off the drama.)

What words or phrases in your vocabulary would you like to replace?

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