After a breakup, it’s hard to figure out how to redefine not only yourself, but all the external memory triggers that surround you. 

Click over to my latest at the Huffington Post and read about how I worked on redefining my life.

(Featured on the HuffPost Divorce home page as “Redefining My Life After Divorce, One Paint Can At A Time.”)

2 Comments on The Red Years: Redefining Life After Divorce

  1. Heather, getting rid of pieces of your life is like downsizing when you get past the age of 69. You realize you must do it, but its still pieces of your past life that you are eliminating or changing. A friend of mine told me to look at it as if it were a quilt, the quilt was completed squares that made up your life. The kids were out of college, the mortgage was paid in full, you could do whatever you wanted to do. NOW it was time to downsize the move into a senior community or a single level home. You would now begin to tear and rip those squares which were the fabric of your life and dispose of them. Its hard no matter if you are 69 years old or 30 something to make the changes. I have never been into the color red and I hear that senior ladies usually go toward the Purple Hat Society as an outlet, and purple is red and blue combined, so there you go.

    You are content with your life and will begin to sew new squares into your quilt. I know you will complete your quilt one day and look back at a finished product that you will be so proud of.

    Keep being positive and keep creating.


    • Thank you, as always, BP, for your insightful comments. I have a feeling my quilt is going to be quite colorful by the time it's finished. And I'm going to enjoy creating it. XOXO

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