A Pandemic Quarantine Anniversary

When my boyfriend started suggesting date night ideas for our upcoming fifth anniversary of our first date, COVID-19 wasn’t yet a global pandemic. The threat of the new coronavirus hadn’t yet closed schools, canceled events or shut down restaurants for dining in. We were free to plan a fun night out without worrying about quarantines […] Read more…

Coronavirus Diaries: A Month in Quarantine

The coronavirus quarantine officially kicked off for my family when the kids’ schools announced a two-week closure at the end of the day on Friday, March 13, 2020. Friday the 13th. Seems appropriate. Coronavirus was already a scary addition to the daily news by then, but it wasn’t really until the week leading up to […] Read more…

Wholeness: My One-Word Resolution for 2020

A handful of years ago I decided to abandon the traditional New Year’s resolutions in favor of one simple word. Instead of making a list of goals I never seemed to achieve, I wanted to focus on a single word that encompassed the overall tone I wanted for the year ahead based on everything that […] Read more…

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