How Trader Joe’s Helps This Busy Working Mom

I’m busy. Everyone I know is busy. And when life is busy, we all do the best we can to knock out the must-dos and compromise on the rest. The past few months I’ve been shuffling work, my son’s high school track meets, my daughter’s softball practices and games, my own exercise routines, pets, laundry, […] Read more…

Adventures in Camping

Image Credit: Google Images Ahh, the great outdoors.  The fresh air.  The peace and quiet.  The campfires.  There’s nothing quite like pitching a tent and letting the rest of the world fall away as you sleep under the sparkling stars.  Right? Unfortunately, my husband and I don’t exactly have the best track record when it comes […] Read more…

Introducing Gunner

Last week I wrote about picking out a puppy and the heartbreak our family felt when that puppy died from Parvo.  Well, thanks to a very determined husband, we found a beautiful, happy, healthy puppy that I instantly fell head over heals in love with. Introducing Gunner, the newest member of the Roller Coaster family […] Read more…

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