The Quest for a Baby-Sitter Who Puts the Pizza in the Fridge

My husband and I went out on another couples’ date over the weekend.  (Wow, going out 2 weekends in a row.  Maybe I’m not such a party pooper!)  We don’t really have a regular baby-sitter so we borrowed one for the night.  This girl was a sweet, responsible, married, 20-something-year old who works in a preschool and is studying […] Read more…

Hold Your Children Close

I ran a 10k on Saturday.  The weather was crummy and I was recovering from a cold, but somehow I ended up feeling great and finishing with a personal best time.  The best part was when I was about halfway through the race and spotted Mr. Roller Coaster and my kids on the sidewalk cheering me on.  […] Read more…

Life is a Balancing Act…And I’m Tipping Over

Equilibrium: n.  (kw-lbr–m, kw-) A condition in which all acting influences are canceled by others, resulting in a stable, balanced, or unchanging system. Wife.  Mother.  Teacher.  Writer.  Runner.  Friend.  Daughter.  Housekeeper.  Chef.  Chauffeur.  Life is a balancing act of all the roles we play on a daily basis, our ultimate goal being equilibrium.  But lately […] Read more…

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