I like to work out. In my youthful prime, I was a competitive swimmer. In my adult life, I have competed in 2 half marathons, one 10k, more 5k’s than I can count, 2 open water swims, and a handful of other random races. I’m a regular at the local YMCA, and recently I’ve discovered spinning. However, I have never Zumba’ed. I have no idea exactly what Zumba is, but I’m pretty sure it involves dancing. As the World’s Biggest Klutz, I typically avoid any fitness classes that require coordination. So today’s Zumba class at the Y should be interesting. My plan is to arrive early to make sure I get a good spot in the back where no one can see me.

Zumba is fun!!! And wonderfully invigorating. There must have been 40 people crammed into that aerobics room dancing their hearts out. I had trouble keeping up with the dance moves at first, but I quickly got the hang of it (for the most part). From my view in the back, I discovered to my great relief that I wasn’t the most uncoordinated person there. And by the end, I was feeling downright graceful!

I definitely plan to take another class. I loved the music, I loved the fast pace, and I loved that no one was taking themselves too seriously. It may not have been the athletic challenge that a spinning class or a 6 mile run is, but it was a fun change that got my blood pumping. And next time, I’m moving on up. No need to be in the back of the room with a limited view of the bubbly instructor. I might even work up the nerve to join the smiling woman in the front row who had absolutely no idea what she was doing, but sure was having fun trying.

I look at this photo and can’t believe how large my son’s hands have gotten.  Little C still has those adorable, stumpy toddler hands.  But Big C is looking more and more like a little man.  I don’t even want to think about what this picture will look like a year from now, 2 years from now, 10 years from now because I don’t want to think about the day when he won’t want to hold my hand anymore. 

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