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You show up at a party of an acquaintance. It’s an evening party and you don’t know very many people there. For whatever reason you decide to show up alone–and pray that your friends will indeed make it.
Would you rather show up under dressed or over dressed?
I’d have to go with overdressed.  I’d much prefer that strangers stare at me because I look fabulous as opposed to receiving stares because I look like a bum.  But maybe I only think this because, in actuality, I tend to be the underdressed one, and it’s not fun.
Random Tuesday Thoughts hosted by The Un Mom
Do you remember the father in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and his belief that Windex was a cure-all?  Well, my Windex is A & D ointment.  Seriously, you’ll never buy Chapstick or hand lotion ever again.
I wonder if handed-ness is genetic.  My parents and my brother are all right-handed, while I turned out left-handed.  I married a lefty and gave birth to a lefty.  But my daughter is a righty.  My theory?  No genetics.  My daughter and I just wanted to be different.
Why is it that every time I cook salmon my husband comes home late from work?
Have you noticed that the new Wal-Mart brand logo looks a lot like the Dharma Initiative logo from the show “Lost”?
Do you know what happens inside a sippy cup filled with milk that is misplaced for 10 days because your daughter hid it under your bed?  Trust me, you don’t want to know.
Random thoughts over and out.

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  1. I know exactly what happens to a sippy cup full of milk abandoned for over a week, as I remember vividly my first-hand experience of tasting it. When I was a wee tot, we arrived home from a family vacation and I came across a sippy cup that must have been left out in the leaving-for-vacation chaos before we headed out the door. I took a big sip, and… well, you can imagine my reaction. I remember the horrifying surprise to this day.

  2. I'd have to go with overdressed too. I'm usually a tank top & jeans kinda person so I'd hate to wear that if it's something that I'm supposed to dress nice for.

    And how I know too well what happens to that sippy cup. We were running late one morning so I let the kids take their cups with us on the way to school & Hayden decided it would be funny to hide his in one of the back compartments in our van instead of putting it in the cup holder. It took me 2 weeks to find it. The smell was AWFUL!!

    Oh & don't feel bad about not being about to find the comment button. I use Intense Debate – I like it a lot better than the blogger platform because I can respond to specific comments individually. But I've been having issues with it lately. Blogger is trying to revolt. šŸ˜› Plus it's a really intricate code for the layout so it takes a while to load on the page & sometimes looks like it's not there.

  3. Nothing is worse than a lost sippy cup full of milk – except a "found" sippy cup full of milk.

    I'm with you. You can never be overdressed! And you can always blame it on a "previous appointment."

    Happy Tuesay!

  4. Ewwwww, a lost sippy cup is the worst! I remember my daughter finding it and drinking it, and the results were horrendous.

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