My challenge this week was to participate in as many blog memes as possible to (a) determine if it’s feasible to maintain a blog by riding on the coattails of other people’s ideas and (b) to see if I can stumble upon memes that will inspire me during my creative droughts.

In the past 7 days, I participated in 13 memes.  My results?  Yes, it is absolutely possible to (a) maintain a blog by writing nothing but answers to other people’s questions.  For a week anyway.  I’m not sure if I could hold the interest of anyone, including myself, by solely participating in memes, but it was fun for a week.  And yes, I did (b) come across several memes that I will refer back to in the future when my brain is clogged by writer’s block.  So thank you to those bloggers whose memes helped me complete my weekly challenge.

Writing is not a process that can be successfully executed within a vacuum.  You have to experience life, read other people’s thoughts, and express an opinion about various topics.  Some days it’s tough trying to generate an interesting topic to blog about.  We could all use a little help.  Whether that help comes from newspaper headlines, a controversial television program, or yes, memes offered by fellow bloggers, we need to take advantage of those prompts to get our creative juices flowing.

A big thanks to Dondi at Confessions of a Housewife for directing me to a fabulous list of memes at Our Mommyhood.  Check out both blogs when you get a chance.

And if you’re a hardcore meme enthusiast, check out The Daily Meme, which is a directory for any meme you can possibly think of. If you need more memes in your life or you want to list your meme in the directory, I’m pretty sure this is the place to go.

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and following along! I am following you back.
    Many heartfelt thanks to your family for the sacrifices you are making for our freedoms!

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