A couple of weeks ago, I entered a contest for bad poetry over at Just Another Snarky Navy Wife.  I didn’t win (darn those random number generators that never pick me!), but now that I’ve recovered from my disappointment at not being crowned the worst poet, I thought I’d share my super bad poem.

Super Mil Wife

I’m mom, I’m dad.
I multi-task.
I cook. I clean.
Who am I you ask?
I’m Super Mil Wife!
I do it all.
My man’s deployed,
But I stand tall.
I mow the lawn.
I pay the bills.
I’m Queen of strength
And power drills.
Loose lips sink ships
So I stay mute.
Mighty OPSEC
I can’t refute.
I wait for calls
That rarely come.
I handle it
With great aplomb.
The kids are sad
And misbehave.
(My sanity
I hope to save.)
I hug them and
I hold them near.
They miss their dad
Who can’t be here.
Some days are tough.
Some days are grey.
Don’t ask about
My day today.
I sleep alone
Without my man.
Getting through it
The best I can.
I keep the home fires
Burning bright.
In my darkness,
He is my light.
Support and love
I do believe
I give to him
And I receive.
My man’s deployed.
This is my life.
And so my name is
Super Mil Wife.

33 Comments on I’m Super Mil Wife!

  1. You deserved to have lost the contest….if you wrote this yourself I wouldn't want to crown you as the worst poet anyway. I liked it! Especially the part "Loose lips sink ships, so I stay mute." Great line for a Navy Wife!

  2. I'm glad you recorded this on your blog! It totally rocks and should be kept for posterity if not fond memories of rocking your beatnik self over at the snarky blog. ;D

    Hang tight, Hoboken!

  3. I think you may have another bright future…in poetry! Great job on what is certainly not a "bad" poem as it sums up your situation exactly. We're thinking about you.

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