My 6-year-old son has a pretty cool life.  Wouldn’t it be fun to trade places with him for a day?  Here are my…

 Top 10 Reasons Why I’d Love to Spend a Day in My Son’s Shoes 

10) He sleeps in a room protected by super heroes, evil aliens, and powerful robots.  Who needs an alarm system when you have an arsenal like that?

9)  He can befriend a brick wall.  I’d like to say he inherited that from me, but that’s all Daddy genes.  I’d love to learn how to be that gregarious.

8)  He has a better memory than I do.  Maybe if we switch places for a day, I can actually win a game of Memory Match.

7)  He’s spending his summer days at camp.  Swimming, going on field trips, and playing games.  Ahh, to live such a carefree existence.

6)  When I try to convince him to taste new foods, he not-so-politely declines, declaring that his taste buds are different than mine.  Maybe if I take over his taste buds for a day I can convince him to eat something other than chicken nuggets and PB and J.

5)  Well before he celebrated his 5th birthday, he had been to 4 different countries and lived in 5 different houses.  I’d love to know how these experiences have influenced his view of the world.

4)  I’d love to experience his sense of humor, partly so I can figure out why the words poop and butt are so gut-busting hilarious.

3)  He sleeps through his sister’s zero dark thirty wake up calls.  Oh, how I’d love to sleep in.

2)  I’d love to know what he’s thinking and follow his thought process.

1)  I think back to my own childhood with such fondness.  Basically, I’d just love to be a kid again.

Whose shoes would you love to spend a day wearing?


10 Comments on Top 10 Reasons Why I’d Love to Spend a Day in My Son’s Shoes

  1. Aaaah to be a kid again, I TOTALLY agree!! My son is protected by super heroes too =) I would love to be in their shoes even just for a day to experience life as they know it also. Might give me a little idea as to what they think of this crazy mama =)

  2. Haha. #4: I would say you have to have a Y chromosome to understand that one, but ALL of SoldierMan's family – including his mother and 4 sisters – are the same way. I just don't get it.

    And SoldierMan…I remember when he turned 17, he told my parents he was now as old as as many houses he had lived in. (17 houses, in case that didn't make sense.) He had no desire ever to move again. Of course, now we're in the Army, but he is already anxious to go back home to OK and settle down for the long haul.

  3. I think I agree with you. I'd love to spend the day as either of my children. Or have one day as each. They have a very unique perspective on life.

  4. SO true!! So true!! And esp. numbers 9 and 4. My kids' current favorite word is "poopy funga." Don't ask me what it means. I really don't know. But for some reason, it is absolutely hilarious. To both of them. All you have to do is whisper, "poopy funga" and they are on the floor in hysterics for the next half hour.

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