My brain has been absolutely fried lately, and my thoughts are all over the place.  So here are my…

Top 10 List of Random Thoughts
10)  I wish Mr. Roller Coaster would find his alarm clock because he stole mine and I want it back.  But then again, do I really need to know what time it is when Little C wakes me up in the middle of the night to go pee?

9)  Why is it that Wal-Mart NEVER has red onions?

8)  Is it weird that I felt possessive over the John Deere when Mr.  Roller Coaster mowed the lawn?

7)  Little C will tell anyone who will listen what her full name is, and the other day I overheard Big C telling a stranger our phone number.  Time for a PERSEC talk.

6)  Where is all this laundry coming from?!

5)  The welcome home banner the kids and I made for Mr. Roller Coaster is still hanging in our family room.  I just don’t have the heart to take it down yet.

4)  I recently finished reading “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” (AWESOME book by the way!).  As soon as I finished it and passed it along to Mr. Roller Coaster, he bought “The Girl Who Played With Fire” on his Kindle.  Call me old-fashioned, but I much prefer turning a page than pushing a button.

3)  Little C’s 3rd birthday is rapidly approaching.  Barbie party at Chuck E. Cheese.  Oh joy.

2)  We bought a new camera so we wouldn’t have to lug our fancy Nikon to Jamaica, but the memory card doesn’t fit into my universal card reader.  And because I’m too lazy to install the new software, I have yet to see all the gorgeous pictures I took.

1)  The deployment has truly come full circle.  Mr. Roller Coaster’s parting gift to me was a nasty case of poison ivy.  Well, break out the calamine lotion because he’s passed it along to me once again.  Thanks honey.

What are some of your random thoughts today? 

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  1. Ugh!! Poison Ivy! I'm so sorry!

    And I'm the same way. SoldierMan wants me to get a Kindle or a nook or something…because he thinks they're neat and he doesn't understand why I want a physical library. But he won't get one for himself, because he "doesn't read." (It will probably be a deployment gift when the time comes.) But he REALLY wants me to get one because they're cool. I told him just to give me the same amount of money in amazon gift cards so I could buy books. He didn't go for it.

  2. I think I am going to have to read "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," And so sorry about the poisen ivy, what are men good for these days?

  3. Yikes on the poison ivy!!!

    I SO want to read that book!!!! I am with you. I considered buying a nook or a kindle but I just can't give up the experience of a physical book. I love the feel and the smell of them.

    And I absolutely need to know what time it is every time I wake up during the night. I keep my phone on the nightstand so I can look at it when I wake up. Come to think of it…I haven't seen our alarm clock in about a year…where is that thing…

  4. I like books too. Girl with Dragon Tattoo I loved, and the Played With Fire one is also really good. I just finished the final book in the trilogy and although I enjoyed it did not find it as good as the first two, but still definitely worth a read. If it's any consolation since completing potty training I am up most nights for a trip to the bathroom too 🙂

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