When I started my new job, I knew it would be an adjustment.  I knew that certain chores and nagging necessities that were once a part of my daily life as a Domestic Engineer would be put on the back burner while I focused on my new demands as a Working Mom.  But as Week 3 of work kicked off and new, unexpected snafus hit me, I’m finding I just don’t have the energy to tackle everything I need to.

Here are my….

Top 10 Things I Need to Take Care of But Don’t Have the Energy To
10)  The trees Mr. Roller Coaster planted that I’m now required to water

9)  The physical therapy exercises for my year-old hamstring injury that I repeatedly have to lie to my physical therapist about doing regularly

8)  Cooking dinner after working all day

7)  The virus that has killed my computer…I’m now relying on my poor little netbook that needs a charge every night.

6)  The printer and scanner that refuse to hook up to that poor little netbook

5)  The 6-year-old soccer game that starts at 8 AM this Saturday

4)  Coaxing Big C to complete his 1st grade homework after I’ve spent all day coaxing students to do their seatwork

3)  Dealing with Little C at bedtime.  My little girl, who gave up napping 6 months ago, is now napping every day at school.  Bye bye bedtime routine.

2)  My car that decided this was a good week to have trouble starting

1)  The clean laundry still sitting folded in my laundry basket, the emails and phone calls I need to return, the mail that needs opening, the carpets that need vacuuming, the floors that need mopping, the dishwasher that needs unloading.  Is it pathetic that I wish I could bust half my paycheck on a housekeeper?!

What do you need to tackle that you just don’t have the energy to do?

8 Comments on Top 10 Things I Need to Take Care of But Don’t Have the Energy To

  1. Well the kids are in bed reading (I hope), so I need to get off the puter and go upstairs to check on them. I too, need to put away the mounds of clean laundry. I need to attack the paper clutter that has taken my home hostage. I need to get these things done so I can go to bed at a decent time, and then maybe I will have more energy tomorrow!
    I vote for a housekeeper!!

  2. I always love it when I have to lie to the dentist or doctors about my kids too. And then…I love it even more when my kids rat me out saying that I just lied to the dentist or doctor….oops!

    I think our lives will always stay hectic. It's no fun though is it?

    Here's to Tuesday…3 more days until the weekend!

  3. Oh my. QUITE the list. 😉 But to be honest … I don't have any excuses and the laundry is still sitting folded in the laundry basket. I simply don't wanna.

  4. Oh I really hear you and I don't even work full time. But the freelancing work that I am doing right now is killing me. I'm super impressed by how you've been keeping up with your blog!! Mine is languishing on the side of the road. And laundry? No matter how on top of my life I am, I always have a pile of clean clothes that is threatening a coup on my house. It's a sickness for me. Really.

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