PROJECT GRATITUDE DAY 75: I am thankful for my family, my friends, my home, my health, and all the other essential things in my life that I tend to take for granted.   I’ve been avoiding writing about the devastation in Japan.  There’s just too much to say and not enough words to express how heartbroken I am over the horrible aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis.    I was fortunate enough to call Japan my home for 3 amazing years.  I left Japan with a greater appreciation for cultural differences, a newfound love for cherry blossoms, embarrassing karaoke stories, a collection of pottery and art, irreplaceable photographs and furniture, and lifelong friends and memories.  The country will always hold a special place in my heart.  And that’s why I’ve had such a difficult time writing or even thinking about this tragedy.  
While my husband and I lived in Japan, we purchased several woodblock prints, art that now hangs on our walls to remind us of the beauty of the country.  But there was one print that I kept meaning to buy and somehow never did.     


It’s called “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa.”  You’ve probably seen it before, even if you’ve never been to Japan, because it’s one of the most recognized works of Japanese art.  I’ve always loved it.  But after the events of last week, I’m almost glad I didn’t buy it because I don’t think I’ll look at it in quite the same way again.  Sending heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the people of Japan as they continue to search for missing loved ones and struggle to rebuild their lives after tragedy.  

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  1. I too am thinking about Japan and its people as they begin the healing process. That print you mentioned is hanging on our wall…it has now taken on a new significance.

  2. The devastation in Japan is truly awful. I just watch in horror when the news is on.

    I don't have the same history with Japan as you do, but it is home to one of my favorite travel memories. When I was flying into Japan once I got to see Mount Fuji over the clouds around sunrise. It was beautiful and I will never forget it.

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