Today is Monday.  I’ll be spending my day trudging through Spring Break withdrawal and cursing myself for not getting ahead on everything I need to get done this week at work.  I already know it’s going to be a crazy busy week, and that’s never an uplifting thought on a Monday morning.  But I keep telling myself that a huge reward awaits me in 4 days.  In 4 days, I’ll be at the

MilBlog Conference!!!

This will be my 2nd year attending, and I’m hoping the conference will be both the same and different than last year. 
I have to admit that last year I was a bit intimidated.  I had only been blogging for a few months, and I felt way out of my league.  I think I was the only person in the whole room who didn’t whip out a laptop and tweet every 30 seconds throughout the panel discussions because a) I didn’t own a laptop and b) I didn’t even have a twitter account, let alone any understanding of how to tweet.  I was too shy to speak to anyone unless they spoke to me first, and I think I handed out maybe 5 of my business cards because I was too embarrassed to be assertive.  Hopefully, that will change this time around.
But I hope the rest of the conference stays the same.  I hope the panels are just as fascinating as they were last year, that the other attendees are just as diverse as they were last year, and that the festivities are just as fun as they were last year.  I have a feeling I won’t be disappointed.
Last year I was nervous about walking into the MilBlog conference, a newbie who had no idea what to expect.  This year, the nerves are gone and all I feel is excitement.  And the best part?  I’m finally going to meet some of the amazing mil spouse bloggers whom I’ve gotten to know through words shared on a computer screen.  I can’t wait for the real life hugs and laughter.  I can’t wait for the camaraderie and the photo ops.  I just can’t wait!!!
As I prepare for this blogging conference with my new dress and my new business cards, my laptop and the twitter account that I rarely use, I wonder what the weekend will bring.  I also wonder if I’m forgetting anything.  So I’m wondering…
Have you ever gone to a blogging conference?  What else do I need to bring?  What are the big conference do’s and don’ts?  Any advice?
And are any of you attending the MilBlog Conference as well?

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  1. I am so the last year you, I have no idea what i'm doing, im nervous as heck, and I really don't even think my blog is that cool….oh and I just now thought about this, but do you think it will be cold there? I have a feeling im going to step off the plane in Florida clothes and freeze my booty off!

  2. Woot! Woot! Sooooo stinkin excited! But, you already know this;)

    Sad to say…I will not be bringing my laptop. I just want to enjoy it all and not feel like I need to blog while I'm there. I'll have my handy dandy Iphone though.


    I'm still trying to figure out what to bring to wear though?

  3. I am coming just Friday night!!! So excited! And nervous! I didn't even think to get business cards. Drat. Drat drat drat. I am hoping to run in to people and I am very nervous about going on my own, and just the first night! But the hubs asked for our first wedding anniversary for me to be home so I guess that's reasonable 😛

  4. Amy, I tried emailing back to your comment but I got a no-reply commenter address. Anyway, if you're reading this, I'm looking forward to meeting you too!!!

  5. That's so exciting. I just learned of this event this week while reading a few other blogs.
    I'm a military wife and teacher as well and I just started blogging recently. This might be something I'd like to visit in the future!
    I have not been to a blogging conference, but I went to the national education tech conference two summers ago. I learned that if you are taking a laptop, you should take a power strip! You will be everyone's best friend, because outlets are a commodity!
    Have fun and stop by my blog!

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