Over the weekend, Mr. Roller Coaster and I went out on a date night.  Because I was the birthday girl, I got to select the movie.  And I chose…  


First, I have to tell you the movie was HILARIOUS.  During one scene I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.  And it wasn’t just a mindless stupid funny movie.  It actually had some character development and depth in between the tear-inducing crack-ups.  I loved it.

But I have to admit that wanting a good laugh wasn’t the only reason I chose this movie.  You see, I’m going to be the matron of honor in a wedding in a few months, and let’s just say I can relate to the main character’s challenges.

To sum up, the movie is about 2 women who’ve been friends their entire lives.  One is engaged, one is the maid of honor.  And all the trouble starts when 1 of the bridesmaids tries to wiggle her way into command of all things wedding to prove she is more worthy of the maid of honor title.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I expect one particular bridesmaid to snatch the microphone out of my hand as I give my speech at the rehearsal dinner, but quite frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me.  I won’t go into the boring details, but I will say I’m definitely feeling my thunder being stolen.

I would never dream of telling the bride about some of the issues I’m having with the organization of the pre-wedding events because she would be devastated if she knew how much stress her shower and bachelorette party were causing me.  She’d also be heartbroken to learn that the ladies in her wedding party, her closest friends in the world, weren’t successfully coming together and bonding like she imagined they would.

So that’s why I wanted to see that movie.  I guess I needed to find the humor in a similar situation.  And it also reminded me that maybe I just need to let it go.  My friend didn’t choose me as the matron of honor because she thought I’d plan the world’s best bachelorette party.  She chose me because she wants me to be the one standing next to her on her special day.  And as long as I don’t give the wedding party food poisoning or get kicked off an airplane, I think she’ll be happy she chose me.

Have you ever been in a wedding?  Have you ever dealt with bridesmaid drama?


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  1. Saw this movie on Thursday…loved it! The critics are comparing it to a "female" Hangover. Don't think so as this one was hilarious but featured plenty of substance too!

  2. i saw this movie over the weekend too and I have to say i was the matron of honor in my best friend's wedding a few years ago and the stress was crazy! i definitely could relate! the movie was hilarious šŸ™‚

  3. Okay…now I want to see this movie. Good luck to you in the wedding!

    I've actually never been in a wedding that wasn't my own…

  4. i am going to be a matron of honor this year…and this movie hit home to me. of course its not as dramatized but its such a struggle! hillarious movie!

  5. I fired one of my bridesmaids!!!!! She was the wife of the best man, and I was decent enough of friends with her. When one of my besties backed out of being a bridesmaid due to her first child's birth scheduled to occur of the day of my wedding, I asked the best man's wife if she would be a bridesmaid. She offered to throw me a bridal shower, and I guess I didn't bow deep enough and gush with thankfulness enough for her throwing me the party. Soon after, she became a HUGE (rhymes with witch) and was very mean to me. I wasn't having it, so with my future hubby's guidance, I called her up and let her know that if she couldn't be supportive and if she had a problem with me, she didn't have to be in the wedding. I had two bridesmaids and three groomsmen and didn't care one bit that I was lopsided. PS – it took 3 years for "wifey" to speak to me again. So glad I didn't have that toxicity in my wedding party!!!

  6. My husband just deployed and the last movie we saw together was Bridesmaids! We loved it! Constant laughing. Was a great way to spend our last weekend together!

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