One of the things I love about blogging is the opportunity to “meet”  new people.  Well, last week, I “met” a military spouse who happens to be a very talented musician as well.

Olivia, an Army spouse who currently lives in Hawaii, wrote this awesome song called “Drive These Blues Away” that placed 2nd in the USAA Garage Band Playoff.  I just had to share it on this week’s What’s YOUR Song Link-Up hosted by Goodnight Moon.  Happy listening!  And make sure you go and check out Olivia Blue Music!

12 Comments on Olivia Blue Music: Drive These Blues Away

  1. Okay, I've never heard of this song before, but I loved it!!!! My kids were jamming out, dancing around the living room.

    Sorry I've been so MIA lately. So much has been going on. I hope you're enjoying your summer!!!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I can't believe you featured me on your blog… Now I'm all blushing and stuff…. You guys are SO sweet!!! I actually wrote this song for the 2011 USAA Garage Band Playoff & I got 2nd place. Seriously, you guys totally just made my day…. Thanks for putting a great big smile on my face! 🙂 – Olivia –

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