Before summer started, Mr. Roller Coaster and I were planning an adult only vacation.  He took leave, and we made arrangements for his parents to watch the kids.  After discussing our vacation options, we decided to be spontaneous (well, as spontaneous as a couple can be when they have to be spontaneous within a particular time frame).  The plan was to pack light, head over to the nearest Space A terminal, and hop on the first flight to Europe.  No kids!  No hotel reservations!  No plans!  We were going to carpe the heck out of that diem! 

And then this little guy came along.

It’s a lot tougher to carpe diem with an 11 week old puppy.
But Mr. Roller Coaster is still on leave, and as of yesterday, our kids are living it up at Camp Grandparents.  So it seems our Vacation has turned into a Stay-cation. 

Yes, we’re staying home.  No Space A flights.  No backpacking through Europe.  Just home.  But I’m learning that home is a completely different place when you don’t have to worry about entertaining children, cooking dinner, or booking babysitters.  The possibilities are endless.  My biggest question is:
What should we do?!
Have you ever had a stay-cation?  What would you do if you had a weeklong stay-cation?´╗┐

4 Comments on Summer Stay-cation

  1. I love going away because if I'm at home I'll work. That's all there is to it.

    Please don't be like me.

    One thing we ARE doing this summer is playing tourist in our own state. We're going to all the tourist traps and fairs and events that we've never been to, despite having lived in the state for over 30 years each. It's kind of fun.

    Have a great stay-cation!

  2. Ohhh… Every spring break and every summer break, Hubby's parents take the kids for a whole week. We have only ever gone anywhere once, but staying home without having to cook/clean/entertain constantly is the best vacation! Eat dinner in that fancy restaurant you'd never take the kids to. Go to a movie. Hang out with friends separately. Have fun!

  3. We are also stay-cationing. So, we have spent time acting like tourists. We have day tripped to Colonial Williamsburg, eating at Berrett's seafood restaurant. We are a frequent fixture at Croatan, boogie boarding. We have biked the Norfolk Botanical Gardens at night. We have eaten steamers on the outside deck at Bubba's. Before summer is over, we will rent one of those 4-seater bikes the tourists ride on the boardwalk. We have gone to the Virginia Zoo and will visit the Virginia Aquarium. Have fun!

  4. Puppies change everything, don't they? ­čÖé We only this weekend finally decided to take block leave and go home…and we can only afford it because we're biting the bullet and taking the dogs with us. It'll mean some logistical adjustments once we're there, but we've decided it's worth the hassle.

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