Dear Daylight Savings,
For the first time in years, you actually worked to my advantage.  I’ve learned the key is to wear out the kids to the point of exhaustion on Saturday so they’ll sleep late on Sunday.  Then Moms and Dads can sleep late too, and no hours of Sunday productivity are lost.  It’s amazing!  Now if you could just help me figure out how to squeeze an extra hour into EVERY day…

Lots of love,
A Rested Fan

Dear Parent-Teacher Conferences,
Please go easy on me tomorrow.  Or at least easier than the first round of conferences last year when parents asked me crazy questions and went over their allotted time blocks.  I’m already chilling a bottle of wine in your name.

A Teacher Who Would Much Rather Teach Than Conference

Dear Halloween Candy,
Is it possible that my children have forgotten about you already?!  Did my evil plan of hiding you in the closet actually work?!  Good.  Now maybe you’ll stay away from thighs too.

All my best,
A Closet Chocolate Junkie

Dear 6 Mile Run,
You really sucked yesterday.  Please remind me to buy more winter running gear.

Your fair-weather friend,
Summer Runner

Dear Wind,
You not only threw a wrench in most of the outdoor activities I participated in over the weekend, but you upturned my patio table and snapped my patio umbrella pole in half like it was a toothpick.  Not cool!  Please go away.


Dear Leukemia,
For almost a year now I’ve watched you tear down a dear little friend of mine.  Over the weekend, my family and I participated in a fundraising walk in honor of that 5-year-old friend to get rid of you.  The walk was so moving as I watched supporters and survivors walking and uniting and laughing and singing and smiling and embracing and basically saying a big fat screw you to cancer.  I’m so proud to know my little survivor and her family.  And I’m so glad the Roller Coaster family could help in some small way.

Later Leukemia!

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  1. Hehe! I loved all of these! I totally agree with the parent teacher conferences…I wish we could just teach and never have meetings and such.

    Happy your family could participate in the Leukemia walk! What a great way to honor your student and help raise money to fight that awful disease!

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