Dear Santa,

I know you’re busy getting ready to travel around the world and trying to slim down to fit down all those chimneys, but I’ve been very good this year and was hoping my good girl status would earn me a coveted spot on the Nice List.  I’ve thought long and hard about the following items on my Christmas list, and I believe they’re quite reasonable requests.

I hope you have a safe trip!  Don’t forget to charge your GPS.  And please don’t text and drive.  I’m leaving a plate of cookies for you, although the stress of the holiday season can only be mitigated by chocolate so I can’t promise the cookies will still be there upon your arrival.  I’m sure Rudolph will share his carrots.

So here is my Christmas list in Top 10 format for your convenience…

10)  The rewiring of my puppy’s internal clock so I can sleep past 5:45 AM without 50 pounds of energy pouncing on me

9)  A magical anti-whine potion to slip into my children’s breakfast every morning

8)  Running gear that makes me run twice as fast, gives me twice the endurance, and burns twice as many calories while simultaneously tightening my abs, toning my triceps, and forgiving my lack of willpower for all things chocolate

7)  The power to teleport my family and friends to visit me whenever I want

6)  Snotty, backstabbing, competitive, overly sensitive co-workers.  Oh wait, I already have that.  So yeah, the exact opposite of that.

5)  A housekeeper, chef, personal trainer, and reliable baby-sitter, all on-call 24 hours a day who work not for money but for hi-fives

4)  A fountain of youth

3)  The complete eradication of germs, traffic, and hangovers

2)  The addition of an hour to the end of each day and a zero to the end of my salary

1)  A clone of myself so she can tackle my to-do list while I’m working, sleeping, eating, exercising, spending time with family and friends, and putting my feet up with a glass of wine and a good book

Thank you for your consideration Santa!  Ho ho ho Merry Christmas!

Roller Coaster

7 Comments on Dear Santa: Top 10 Things I Want For Christmas

  1. I second # 10…being awakened by kisses from your husband=fun…being awakened by kisses from a 70 pound pit bull=not so fun.

    Not so sure about the clone…did you see Multiplicity? lol

  2. Love it, have Santa wrap one of those up for me too! I like #2, but I'd like it where its an hour where everything is magically caught up and I can start the day doing something other than catching up!

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