I’ve been a columnist for Blue Star Families for almost 2 years now, but lately I’ve been a major slacker with my contributions.  Hopefully you’ll be seeing my face there more often, starting with my latest post that went live today called “Bridging the Gap Between Military and Civilian Worlds.” 
I would love to hear your feedback!  Do you think there’s a gap between military and civilian worlds?  Whether you are part of a military family or not, have you ever tried to bridge that gap?  What were the results?
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1 Comment on Bridging the Gap Between Military and Civilian Worlds

  1. I got to read your post 🙂 All too often I find myself looking at this huge gap that the two worlds have created. Both sides have to contribute to having the knowledge and learning and accepting new knowledge of the Military. The gap will never close but if we (those in in relation with the military)can give the civilian world a fresh perspective and let them learn from us we might have a world of a difference in the standing between the two. There will always be those whom don't care for the military and those who have encountered bad actions of those in the Military (i.e. what they see on t.v., actual personal encounters with those in the Military), etc. There are also spouses whether new or old have a sense of denial about what the military is or expectations of what they thought it would be; but their mentality is still that of a civilian world. We have to give life to this topic.

    My attempts to close the gap with those in my personal life have been successful because I can give the Military perspective. But what I find myself battling are some of the spouses whom help to make the gap larger 🙁

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