How many times a day do you Google something?  Have you ever Googled something and wondered why your search landed you on particular hits?  Well, I wonder the same thing about some of the Google searches that land people on my blog.

A few months ago I discovered the “Stats” button on my blog, and I have to say I’m fascinated by it.  It tells me how many hits I’m getting on my blog, my most popular posts and how many hits they’re getting, URLs that people click over from, the countries people are reading from, and yes, the Google search keywords that lead people to me.   Most of the keywords aren’t surprising considering what my most popular posts are.  But some of them are just wacky and head-scratching.  Here are my… 

Top 10 Interesting Search Keywords That Have Brought Readers To My Blog

10)  Ranting military wives
9)  Dear Santa I’ll buy my own sh*t
8)  I hate surprises control freak
7)  Klutz and proud
6)  Exists my brain
5)  MILF cougar
4)  Limbo game mosquito
3)  I jingle his dog tags
2)  Animal pooper
1)  I am crawling and cuddling your body
Have you ever looked up your blog stats?  What funny search keywords bring readers to your blog?

5 Comments on Top 10 Interesting Search Keywords That Have Brought Readers to My Blog

  1. yeah, it's actually a little disturbing what I get on my blog sometimes. I wrote a post mentioning "ranger panties" once, and now I get searches like "wife in panties." lol.. oh well. Those people must be a little disappointed when they land on my blog. 😉

  2. Oh my word, those searches are hilarious! I haven't had a funny one yet, but then again… I haven't checked my stats. Going there now… 😉

  3. that stat always provides me with laughs!

    "sexy bald men"
    "camp zama prostitute" {lesson learned! Never use the word "pimp" on the blog!!!}

  4. Agree is always interesting just what peeks peoples curiosity… or what seems to come to mind to search for.. love some of your key words very interesting.

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