Summer Stay-cation

Before summer started, Mr. Roller Coaster and I were planning an adult only vacation.  He took leave, and we made arrangements for his parents to watch the kids.  After discussing our vacation options, we decided to be spontaneous (well, as spontaneous as a couple can be when they have to be spontaneous within a particular time frame).  […] Read more…

Deployment Vacation

My latest Blue Star Families post…. I looked around my house. Bags packed. Kids anxious. Boarding passes printed. The scene looked entirely too familiar. But this time, it wasn’t preparation for my husband’s departure. It was preparation for mine. I was going on vacation. Vacations are never easy to organize when you’re married to the […] Read more…

Flying the Not-So-Friendly Skies

  Last week I returned from a much-needed vacation. The vacation itself was fabulous. The traveling with kids was not. The flight to my parents’ house was relatively painless, mainly because my frustration toward my children’s antics was overshadowed by my excitement to reach my destination and hand those little balls of energy over to […] Read more…

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