May 11, 2012 is a very special day for military spouses.  Why, you ask?  Because this day has been set aside to recognize and celebrate, you guessed it, MILITARY SPOUSES!  Yes, that’s right.  May 11 is Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

Mil spouses (and girlfriends and significant others, men and women alike) are amazing people with incredibly unique stories to share about the ups and downs of being married to the military.  Thanks to blogging, we mil spouses are able to share those unique stories as we offer each other advice, support, laughter, and sometimes just a virtual shoulder to lean on.  Blogging also allows us to share our stories with our non-military friends, who may not know a whole lot about our world but would like to. 

In honor of Military Spouse Appreciation Day, my bloggy soul sister Ann Marie over at Household 6 Diva and I thought it would be fun to celebrate the awesomeness that is the Military Spouse by throwing together a little blog hop, an online mixer for all of those amazing mil spouses hanging out in the blogosphere. 

And what if you’re not a mil spouse but you’d like to express your appreciation?  Well, we’d love to meet you too, so please join in!  The more the merrier! 

What exactly does this all mean?  It means that on Friday, May 11, Ann Marie and I will post a Linky on our blogs.  What are you supposed to do?  Quite simply, you put together a brief post introducing yourself (and we say brief only because we’ll have so many friends to visit and so many intros to read!).  Then head on over to either Riding the Roller Coaster or Household 6 Diva and link up your intro post.  Then sit back, relax, and visit with friends both old and new.

But that’s not all!  Noooooo.  Because we love our mil spouses so much, we’re going to have some very cool giveaways.  After all, what’s a Military Spouse Appreciation Day without presents?!

Ok, let’s take a deep breath because we still have a month before the big day.  Today is just a heads up.  In the meantime, work on your introduction post, keep your eyes peeled for blog hop updates, and feel free to spread the word!

***If you’re interested in sponsoring a giveaway, please contact Roller Coaster at***

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  1. Love this! What a great idea! You ladies are so thoughtful 🙂
    I might be interested in a giveaway…but I was supposed to email that wasn't I? Sending an email your way!

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