Dear Summer Vacation,
Please hurry up and get here.  I have 8 days left of school, and my students are bouncing off the walls, misbehaving, and generally making me wonder if there’s any point in teaching them because they’re no longer paying any attention to me.  I will miss my students once you arrive, but I’m ready to read more, write more, and sleep more!

Dear Harry Potter,
Please stop being so mesmerizing. I’ve been reading you to my 8-year-old son, but he’s so obsessed with your story that he’s reading ahead of me. I’m at the beginning of the second book. He’s about to finish the third. And he’s telling me everything that happens! 

Dear Gunner,
I’ve accepted the fact that I will spend most of my mornings wrestling my kids’ toys out of your mouth and shushing you as you bark incessantly at the invisible enemies in our backyard at 6 AM, but for goodness sakes, my patio table is not a sofa.

Dear Mother of One of My Students,
You know when you were a kid and you ran into your teachers at the grocery store and thought how weird that was? Well, on Friday I ran into you and your daughter. At the gym. In the locker room. Where I was wearing a towel. I think that tops the grocery store for weirdness. So let’s pretend that never happened, shall we?

Dear Fifty Shades of Grey,
Wow.  That’s all I have to say about that.

Dear Wedding Anniversary,
Cheers to another year you fell on a day that I am husband-less.  Here’s to hoping next year our 13th will be spent in the same time zone.

5 Comments on To Whom It May Concern

  1. LOL, I found out one of my students was part of the karate dojo I was going to when I saw her while wearing gi pants and a sports bra. Yeah, definitely NOT as bad as just a towel, but how is it that you end up running into people at the worst time possible??

    Happy Anniversary! It really sucks to celebrate by yourself, but 12 years is pretty amazing. Fingers crossed that you're together for lucky 13!

    I've been curious to see what the hype is about Fifty Shades of Grey… might have to check that book out.

  2. This is going to sound really weird, but if I didn't know it was impossible, I would have thought you are someone I know IRL, just from this post. But it has to be impossible, because there isn't any grass where we live. It was a real Twilight Zone moment, though.

    Boy, puppy has gotten big! He's gorgeous, too!

    Here's to surviving one more week of school. You can do it!!

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